Dudu Braga’s daughter and widow bid farewell to Roberto Carlos’ son

Son of Roberto Carlos, Dudu Braga was buried at the Araça cemetery, in São Paulo, this Thursday (9). The music producer died at the age of 52 after battling cancer of the peritoneum, leaving a widow, Valeska Braga, with whom he had formalized the union in August, and three children, Laura, 5, and Giovanna, 22, and Gianpietro, from 17, from a previous relationship.

Roberto Carlos Braga II, the Segundinho, was admitted to Hospital Albert Einstein and even underwent surgery and chemotherapy. This morning, Dudu Braga, whose death was mourned by famous people such as Galvão Bueno, had a wake at Funeral Home, in Bela Vista, in São Paulo.

Father Antonio Maria and Roberto’s manager, Dody Sirena, passed through the place, who did not attend the funeral. At the burial, the youngest daughter of Dudu Braga was consoled by her mother and other relatives. That’s another loss in the family in 10 years. Sister of the producer on her mother’s side, Nice Braga, Ana Paula Rossi Braga died aged 45 in April 2011.

‘Roberto Carlos is very shaken,’ reported advisor

To the newspaper “O Globo”, Roberto’s advisor told how the artist reacted to the loss of his son. “Dudu had been receiving cancer treatment since last year, but he had been having positive results. So it was something that took the family by surprise. Roberto is very shaken,” he said.

“Roberto and Dudu spoke to each other always, always. Every day, more than once a day, the two talked on the phone. They were really close. Dudu accompanied his father in everything. He was that son who was always beside his father”, reinforced in relation to the King, who paid homage to Segundinho on a social network.

Glória Menezes moved web in photo with Tarcisinho

A few days ago, the 86-year-old veteran moved the web when she appeared in a photo with her youngest son, Tarcísio Filho, on the social network of his wife, Mocita Fagundes. Glória Menezes returned to Rio de Janeiro over the weekend almost a month after the death of Tarcísio Meira, aged 85, due to complications from Covid.

“I admire the way Tarcisinho treats Glória. I think she’s sweet, kind, empathetic, polite, respectful and very loving! He knows how to listen and knows how to position himself,” said Mocita. “Today, he has a difficult role to play. The role of making your mother relearn how to live without the father’s physical presence. And he does it with great calm and patience, but mainly, with a lot of conversation and a lot of love,” continued citing the actress, who spent little more than a week in hospital with Covid.