earthquake destroys hotel from classic episode in Acapulco

These vacations to the gang of Keys will not travel, because a strong earthquake this Tuesday (7) hit southern Mexico and destroyed the facade of the Hotel Emporio in Acapulco.

O hotel became famous for having hosted the recordings of one of the most classic episodes in the history of Chaves – which is already 44 years old since the exhibition. In the plot, the characters from Vila take a vacation trip and it is one of the rare ones in which the series takes place in another location.


The place has gone through some changes during this time, to include the name change – which is no longer called Continental.

Guests at the hotel located in the state of Guerrero were taken by surprise after the cover collapse and damage cars parked.

Check out images of the tragedy (in Spanish):

O earthquake that reached the region was from magnitude 7.1 and victimized at least one person.

About keys

Keys, or El Chavo del Ocho in the original, it was justMexican school created by Roberto Bolaños, also known as Chespirito. rotated between 1971 and 1980, it was – and still is – a huge success in Brazil, being shown very recently by SBT and by the closed channel Multishow.

The series, which was part of a program with several sketches written by Chespirito, had Bolaños himself in the role of Chaves, an orphan boy who lived in a village, often hiding in a barrel.

He interacted with the other children, mainly pigtail (Maria Antonieta de las Nieves), daughter of the Mr. Madruga (Ramón Valdés), and chemical (Carlos Villagrán), son of the angry lady florinda (Florinda Meza).

The cast also had Rubén Aguirre as the Girafales teacher, Angelines Fernández as Mrs. Clotilde, the “Witch of 71” and Édgar Vivar as the Mr. belly and also your son, Dream.

Among the recurring characters, names such as the postman stood out jaiminho (Raúl Chato Padilla) and the student Godineness (Horácio Bolaños, Roberto’s brother).

some of your episodes became extremely famous in Brazil, with jokes, memes and references being made frequently.

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