Earthquake hits hotel used by Chaves in Acapulco

Last Tuesday (07), a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the southwest of Mexico, in the region near the Acapulco resort, where some scenes from the series “Chaves” were recorded, which was one of the great successes of the programming of the SBT.

Among the points reached was the Hotel Emporio, the setting for epic episodes of the series “Chaves”, which had its façade totally destroyed. With the tremor, parts of the hotel’s structure fell into vehicles parked in front of the site.

The series “Chaves” left the SBT grid in the middle of last year after an imbroglio involving the family of Roberto Gómez Bolaños and Televisa, holder of the broadcasting rights for the last 40 years.


Keys game on Google

The famous series Chaves won a game version on Google Assistant. Available in Portuguese, the voice game “Turma do Chaves” brings together the characters from the TV and can be accessed from any Android, iOS device, or even smart speakers with Google Assistant, such as Nest Audio and Nest Mini.


Launched at the end of August, the Chaves game focuses on the immersion of fans of the series, which, for years, was a success on SBT and then went on to the programming schedule of Multishow, Grupo Globo’s cable channel. For this, the developers used the voices of the official voice actors of the Brazilian version of the Chaves cartoon, which debuted in Brazil in 2007 and had seven seasons. According to Google, those responsible for the voices of the characters are Daniel Muler (Chaves), Carlos Seidl (Seu Madruga), Arlete Montenegro (Witch 71), Marta Volpiani (Dona Florinda and Popis), Nelson Machado (Quico) and Mauro Branches (Professor Girafales).

To activate the game, just call the Google Assistant with ‘OK Google’ and ask to ‘talk to Turma do Chaves’ and have fun with games and stories narrated by the characters of the village. And, to give even more interaction, you can challenge friends who are fans of the series or invite family to have fun together.