Elderly people celebrate booster dose of vaccine in Belo Horizonte: ‘I feel safer’ – General

Between the still slow pace of vaccination and the emergence of new variants of the new coronavirus, the elderly from 88 to 86 years old receive from this Thursday (9/9) a booster dose of the vaccine in Belo Horizonte. As directed by the Ministry of Health, the group is currently receiving the immunizing agent from Pfizer.

Only people in the age group who took the AstraZeneca vaccine were not summoned by the city hall to return to the health units, as I have to wait six months after the second dose.

First immunized with CoronaVac, produced in Brazil by the Butantan Institute, retired David Mizrahy, 87, was accompanied by his wife, Elda Vieira Mizrahy, 88, at the drive-thru post at the Federal University of Minas Gerais ( UFMG) to guarantee the third application. For him, this supplement represents a greater sense of security against COVID-19.

“It went well. We are already in advanced age, this third dose came at a good time. We, in fact, do not know if it is necessary or not, in the doubt, we went to get the vaccine again. We want to live a little longer”, said David.

Jaci Pinheiro Canguss
Jaci Pinheiro Canguss, 86, received a third dose from Pfizer this Thursday (9/9) (photo: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/DA Press)

The feeling of relief is also shared by 86-year-old Jaci Pinheiro Canguss. “I feel safer. I hope that now it solves the problem definitively”, he declared. However, even with the booster dose, the retiree stressed that, like him, it is necessary for the entire population to be vaccinated for the pandemic to be controlled throughout the country.

“The person takes the first dose and won’t take the second, that won’t change the country. People who don’t even want to take the first one either, they had to be arrested. But a lot of people, the Police can’t handle arresting everyone. So much difficulty they had to find this vaccine is still very fast, and now the people do not respect it. Such an absurd thing”, complained the retiree.

Beatriz Coelho, 8, 7 years old, is also concerned about the slow progress of vaccination at the same time that variants of the virus, such as Delta, are advancing in Minas and other states. She alerts to the importance of maintaining the sanitary measures of COVID-19 at this time, even after having been vaccinated.

Beatriz Coelho, 87 years old, highlighted the import
Beatriz Coelho, 87 years old, stressed the importance of maintaining preventive care against COVID-19 (photo: Gladyston Rodrigues/EM/DA Press)

“I took the CoronaVac very calmly. Today the third dose of Pfizer. I am always following what is happening in the country and in the world with the coronavirus. Mainly with these more transmissible and dangerous strains. My age doesn’t help either, so we have to continue with all the precautions, go out little, wear masks, isolation, all that. Of course, the vaccination”, he said.

What do I need to receive the booster dose

To take the booster dose or the second dose, the elderly aged 88 to 86 years old need to carry a vaccination card, identity card and CPF.

The opening hours of the vaccination sites on working days are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for fixed and extra points and from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm for drive-thru points. The addresses can be checked on the Municipal Executive portal.

According to the city hall, the elderly who received the applications of the AstraZeneca vaccine will need to wait the interval of six months to take the booster dose. For this same reason, people aged 89 and over were not called.

The third application for bedridden people of this age group will also be started. It is necessary for users to wait for the contact of the Municipal Health Department teams to schedule the time.

Also according to the PBH, as directed by the Ministry of Health, the booster dose will be applied to seniors aged 70 years and over. The expansion to other age groups will be done respecting the interval between applications and gradually, subject to the receipt of new shipments of vaccines.