Esplanade of Ministries is released after 6 days of occupation by truck drivers and protesters in favor of Bolsonaro | Federal District

The access road to the ministries and the buildings of the Supreme Court (STF), the National Congress and the Planalto Palace had been closed on Sunday night (5), for the acts of 7 September. The Federal District government’s security scheme did not allow vehicles to enter the site.

Nonetheless, even with the presence of the Military Police, the group removed the security bars along the road and entered the Esplanade, where it was camped.. The president’s supporters were in Brasília to participate in the anti-democratic acts called by Bolsonaro, who, on Thursday (9), released a text entitled “Declaration to the Nation” in which he says he never had “the intention of attacking any of the powers”.

The group that occupied the Esplanada, however, displayed banners, posters and shouted slogans against the STF.

Banners at an act of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro, in Brasília — Photo: Wellington Hanna/TV Globo

For six days, lanes N1 and S1 were closed to traffic. People working in the region had to travel on foot.

Protesters leave Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasília, after six days of occupation — Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

Agreement to leave the site and STJ decision

According to the Secretariat of Public Security of the Federal District (SSP-DF), there was an agreement for the group to leave the site. Negotiations were conducted by the holder of the portfolio, Júlio Danilo Ferreira (see below what the SSP says).

In the late afternoon of Thursday (9), the minister of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) Joel Ilan Paciornik denied a request for habeas corpus made by the protesters, in which requested that the Court prohibit the Federal District government from using police forces to remove them..

The request is made by Wilson Issao Koressawa, who presents himself as a retired civil servant, on his behalf, and 224 other protesters. With the decision of the STJ, on Thursday night, part of the group started to leave the Esplanade. However, others insisted on staying.

At the end of this Friday morning, DF Legal agents began to remove the tents from the site. The PM followed the operation, without intervening.

PMDF observes protesters begin to leave the Esplanade of Ministries this Friday (10), after 6 days of occupation — Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

According to the STJ process, the group of protesters asked for a “reasonable time for negotiation”. They said it was “absolutely constraining any action, written or verbal, by the enforcement authorities [forças de segurança do DF], in order to make the exercise of these rights unfeasible [de manifestação].”

By denying the injunction, Joel Ilan Paciornik said that there is “inadmissibility of prior interference by the Judiciary to prevent or restrict the actions of the Police Power”. The STJ minister also stated that there is “no proof of the existence of an order to remove the demonstrators from the Esplanade of Ministries, nor of what authority the determination was based on.”

What does the DF Security Secretariat say

In a statement, the Public Security Department of the Federal District said that “there are still protesters in the region, who are leaving voluntarily. The forecast is that they leave the place by the end of today [sexta-feira]”.

The folder also informed that access to Praça dos Três Poderes remains restricted and protected by bars and by the PMDF. “The central area of ​​Brasília remains under monitoring by the Public Security Secretariat (SSP/DF) and local security forces, through the Brasília Integrated Operations Center (Ciob) and field teams. The objective is to guarantee the safety of all that circulate in the region. The policing remains reinforced”, points out the SSP.

“In any case, the Public Security crisis management office, which includes representatives from the SSP/DF, the DF Military and Civil Police, the Military Fire Department and the DF Transit Department (Detran), among other bodies involved, remains installed in Ciob until the complete clearance of the Esplanada dos Ministérios,” says the text released at 1:24 pm this Friday (10).

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