Ex-BBBs mock Bil Araújo’s confirmation in A Fazenda 13

The confirmation of Bil Araújo in A Fazenda 13, his third reality show in nine months, was a topic on social networks and was even echoed by some old reality shows. It was during the edition of the morning program “Hoje em Dia” on Thursday (9) that Arcrebiano Araújo, who was already quoted in several lists of press vehicles, was confirmed as a participant in the rural reality of Record TV.

In a quick hearing with entertainment journalists, the ex-BBB spoke about his reputation for giving up on the reality shows he participates: “I left the ‘BBB’ for the public and, in the second one (‘No Limite’), it wasn’t a withdrawal, I can’t speak for contractual reasons because I had a physical health problem. Everything has a purpose and I’m sure I won’t give up, no”, declared.

Within the BBB, Bil Araújo lived a troubled romance with singer Karol Conká, which ended up culminating in his elimination in the attraction presented by Tiago Leifert weeks later. After being asked if he would follow the same strategy, to establish a couple within A Fazenda, Bil Araújo was emphatic: “There won’t be any couples, I hope. I want to show who Bil really is”.

Soon after the confirmation of the model in the rural reality of Record TV, it didn’t take long for the name of Bil Araújo to occupy the top of the most talked about subjects on social and even ex-participants of the same edition of BBB echoed the confirmation of ex-Brother in A Fazenda 13:

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I’m crying there in the BBB group”, wrote Arthur Picoli moments after Bil Araújo’s confirmation in Adriane Galisteu’s program. “The kkkkkkk outbreak!!!”, reacted Camilla de Luccas in the comments of the Picoli publication. Former Brother João Luiz also laughed at the situation in the comments of the crossfiteiro’s publication.

After the repercussion on social networks, Carla Diaz’s ex-affair softened the situation by saying that the agenda of the group of ex-BBBs in the message group, which was being mentioned by him, at the same time as Bil Araújo’s confirmation in A Fazenda , it was another: “Guys, I waste time speaking ill of others, no hahaha, the joke is related to BBB”, started explaining himself.

And he continued: “May everyone involved in the program be happy. Right now I’m in the hotel room scared to death of the wind that’s here hahaha”. Arthur went on to declare that He and Bil Araújo have the same advice and that there is respect in their relationship: “Brother, we are from the same office, I have something called RESPECT and professional ethics. And whoever wants to think otherwise, I’m just sorry hahahaha”, finished.

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