Ex-BBBs unite to mock Arcrebian in A Fazenda 13

Right after Arcrebiano was confirmed in A Fazenda 13, ex-BBBs Arthur Picoli, Camilla de Lucas, João Luiz and Kerline Cardoso moved Twitter with cryptic messages about the WhatsApp group of the ex-brothers being quite busy. The web soon connected the dots and deduced that the reason for the joke between them was because of Bil, who was announced on the reality of Record yesterday morning (9/9).

The first tweet was from Arthur saying: “I’m crying with laughter over there in the BBB group”, followed by a sequence of laughing emojis. Afterwards, Camilla de Lucas participated in the interaction and added: “The outbreak! Hahaha”. João Luiz also appeared and did not hide his laughter about the secret matter. Arthur, once again, insisted on reaffirming the group’s interaction: “It’s very good kakakakakakk”.

With speculation taking over the web, internet users questioned Arthur if the tweet referred to Arcrebiano and in a sequence of tweets he made a point of explaining: “Guys, I don’t waste time speaking ill of others, no haha, the joke is related to BBB. May everyone involved in the program be happy”, he said.

The explanation did not convince the web and again, Arthur explained: “Brother, we are from the same office, I have something called respect and professional ethics. And anyone who wants to think otherwise, I’m just sorry hahahaha”, he countered.