Fallen GC announces new partnership with Valve

THE Fallen Gaming Company, Brazilian company created by the player Fallen, announced this Thursday (9) the unprecedented partnership with the Valve Corporation, developer of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). It is the first time that the publisher, one of the most important in the games market in the world, chooses a Brazilian company for a partnership.

Through the union, Fallen GC, through its Fallen Wear (lifestyle) and Fallen Gear (gamer peripherals) brands, will act in the production, manufacture and distribution of several Counter-Strike and DotA 2 in Latin America. The two games, which are also successful esports, are Valve’s flagships on the market.

All processes, from conception to final product, will be Fallen GC’s responsibility. Second Kenia Toledo, CEO of the company, the partnership will bring quality official products to Brazilians: “We were born in the community and we understand them. It is natural for us to work to meet the public’s wishes and make business possible for our partners. We are extremely proud to be responsible for developing a high quality collection, produced nationally, for one of the most powerful brands on the scene”.

There is still no information on when the first official Fallen GC and Valve collections will be released.