Fernanda Paes Leme loses 20,000 followers after criticizing Bolsonaro

Actress Fernanda Paes Leme, 38, revealed that she lost 20,000 followers on Instagram after taking a stand against President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) in a post on the social network.

Last Tuesday (7), Paes Leme was one of the famous people who criticized the acts marked by the president’s supporters to defend anti-democratic agendas — such as the closing of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) and military intervention.

“Neutro is baby soap, this profile is totally anti-Bolsonaro”, says the artist’s publication. Today, in a Twitter post, she said she doesn’t regret the loss of followers:

I lost more than 20 thousand followers on Instagram with an OUTA BOLSONARO position. I’m not sorry they left, I’m just impressed that there were still 20,000 people following me who support this misrule. Also, if you are also OUTA BOLSONARO, follow me for more OUTA BOLSONARO. Fernanda Paes Leme on Twitter

According to the Social Blade website, the actress lost 18,647 followers yesterday and 2,501 more today, totaling just over 21 thousand followers less on Paes Leme’s Instagram.

In addition to her, 41-year-old journalist Felipe Andreoli said he lost 6,000 followers after commenting on the September 7 demonstrations, and he didn’t regret it either. “What a joy,” he wrote.