Fernando Diniz has a ‘double challenge’ to make Vasco gear up in Serie B – 10/09/2021

The union between Vasco and Fernando Diniz quickly materialized in the market. The coach, who will debut at Cruzmaltino in the duel with the CRB, next Thursday (16), arrives in São Januário with a great challenge: to make the team mesh and reach the G4 of the B Series of the Brazilian Championship.

The technician, fired by Santos last Sunday (5), arrives to fill Lisca’s vacancy, who resigned last Wednesday. The negotiation was quick and fulfilled what was imagined by the Rio de Janeiro club, which intended to ensure that the new commander could arrive in time to work with the team for the confrontation at Rei Pelé, in Maceió.

The scenario even demands almost immediate answers. In ninth place, with 32 points, Vasco today sees the possibility of access being small and tries to change the panorama to stop the crisis, which is already having political consequences.

A questioning point of the fans is precisely the fact that, at first glance, the cast does not necessarily fit with the style of play of Diniz, who became famous in Brazilian football with the assembly of teams that have more possession of the ball, value the exchange of passes and propose the game.

It is worth remembering that, on some previous occasions, the executive director of football Alexandre Bird indicated that the top management wanted to see more impressive performances in the competition. In part of the speech to announce the resignation of Marcelo Cabo, for example, he mentioned the “size of Vasco” and knowing “what is Vasco da Gama”.

“We have total conviction and confidence in the cast, but it also requires a much better performance than we have had. The delivery has been good, however, a performance and performance much lower. We knew that he was the leader, that he was the vice-leader a few days before, but we also know what Vasco da Gama is,” he said at the time.

Diniz has already worked with Bird in the days of São Paulo and, in addition to the manager’s confidence, there is the idea that he can change the group. There is also the expectation of optimizing the performance of young people who were promoted from the sub-20 and acted in this framework at the base. At Santos, the last club he played for, the coach adopted the 4-4-2 scheme, given the limitations that the group had at that time.

“I believe that he will pick up the squad and try to put on the field the players who are most similar to his proposal, who have more quality in the pass, are more offensive, retain the ball more. I believe it will be there. And, perhaps, players who have space in the cast today, they can lose. He breaks with certain figures, even if they are experienced, if he doesn’t fit the proposal. Really, it was surprising. You can see that it was not something planned, on top of what he can offer Vasco , or what the cast can offer to his style”, analyzed Rodrigo Coutinho, columnist for UOL Sport.

Will goalkeeper go out playing with his feet?


One of the obstacles that Diniz can find in Vasco is the ball leaving the defense, which requires the participation of the goalkeeper. Current Cruzmaltino titleholder, Vanderlei had a long spell at Santos, but ended up losing ground in 2019, under the command of Jorge Sampaoli, precisely because he had deficiencies in this regard. Also during the Paulista Championship that year, the coach, at a press conference, said: “May he improve as a player and for the scheme. He will quickly understand what the team needs.”

Vanderlei, however, ended up becoming an option for Everson and, the following year, he made a deal with Grêmio. At the beginning of the current season, he was hired by Vasco.

old acquaintance back

Yan, Vasco's revelation, is part of Fernando Diniz's commission - Reproduction / Ivan Storti/Santos FC - Reproduction / Ivan Storti/Santos FC
Image: Reproduction / Ivan Storti/Santos FC

Along with Diniz, assistant Yan Razera arrives, whom Vasco’s fans only knew as Yan. The midfielder arrived at Colina still for the youth categories and was one of the great revelations of the early 90’s, being part of a generation that marked the club — along with Gian and Bruno Carvalho. In 1993, he was the under-20 world champion with the Brazilian team.

Yan was champion of Rio de Janeiro in 1993 and 1994 (Cruzmaltino won the trio in 92.93 and 94), and elected Vasco’s best player in the 1995 season. After leaving the club, he played for Internacional, Fluminense, Coritiba, Flamengo, Grêmio , among others.

He had already worked on Diniz’s technical committee before and met him again this year, at Santos, after playing at Chapecoense’s U-17.