Flamengo sets up a base in São Paulo and acts as a task force for David Luiz; understand the unfolding of history | Flamengo

The game with Palmeiras is only on Sunday, but Flamengo has already marked territory in São Paulo since the beginning of the week for one of the most important decisions for the rest of the season: the negotiation by David Luiz. Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel landed on São Paulo soil last Tuesday and started the task force to hire the defender who became an obsession for most of the fans.

David Luiz has defended Arsenal in recent seasons — Photo: Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC

It is not new that the duo works behind the scenes for reinforcement, but the negotiations since Tuesday night have gained another status. It stopped being a survey, it became a negotiation, with approval from the higher spheres of the club.

Earlier this week, the name of David Luiz was the subject of board meetings in debates that went through two stages. First, conceptual. Is it worth investing in the defender? What are the gains and risks? Given the answer “yes”, a financial ceiling was stipulated that would not compromise the 2022 budget, which was also the agenda of these same meetings.

With the ok from Rodolfo Landim and his closest peers, Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel took a flight at Santos Dumont on Tuesday afternoon and landed in Congonhas shortly after 6:30 pm for the David Luiz mission. The conversations with Giuliano Bertolucci that were based on the “does it give?” now they have the tone of “this is what I can offer, let’s adjust?”.

Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel arrived in São Paulo on Tuesday to negotiate — Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

In the last three days, there were some meetings with important characters in the defender’s career management. In addition to Giuliano, the children Pipo and Luca Bertolucci also participated, as well as Júlio Taran, the entrepreneur’s partner and the closest arm of David Luiz over the last decade.

Despite the fans’ explicit anxiety, the negotiation is far from simple, mainly due to Flamengo’s budget limitations and the concessions that need to be made on the player’s side. The parties are negotiating calmly before the deadline of September 17th (last business day with registration open for Libertadores). The desire to get it right is mutual, but the details and contract triggers are many.

David Luiz took the holiday to get married on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, but he is aware of the red-black desire. The formality of a proposal on letterhead takes a back seat to the deeper conversations of recent days.

Do you have a proposal or not?

The question was the one that took over the debate among fans in recent weeks. So much so that the topic even deserves a FAQ (an English term for answering frequently asked questions about a certain topic) either about the chronology of the negotiation or about Flamengo’s behavior in this type of situation.

Marcos Braz has been around the situation with the Bertolucci group for about a month because of his dream of having David Luiz — Photo: André Durão

It is important to point out that the excellent relationship between Marcos Braz and Giuliano Bertolucci considerably reduces the need for formalities. Since David Luiz is free on the market and it won’t be necessary to take him out of another club, the expression “proposal” ends up giving way to a constant debate until it arrives at what Flamengo can pay and what the athlete can give up. And this is where the conversations are.

To take as an example, this is what happened in the two negotiations of Flamengo in the mid-year window. Both with active participation of the Bertolucci group. The club presented formal proposals to Chelsea and Manchester United, the dialogues with Kenedy and Andreas Pereira were based on frankness in the reality of budget and, above all, on the conviction that the change of club would be beneficial.

It was only after the ok of the English clubs that all the formality of the letterhead paper with values ​​for the players began, having already made all the considerations and concessions in “informal” dialogues. This is how Flamengo conducts the negotiation for David Luiz.

David Luiz poses with the 2013 Confederations Cup cup: consecration at Maracanã — Photo: Getty Images

With the opening of the window and the defender’s lack of destiny, Marcos Braz expressed to Bertolucci that Flamengo had been interested for almost a month. Everything, in turn, would depend on the absence of interesting proposals from Europe. The reasoning was even logical: if there is no way to compete in values ​​with the price of the euro, there is no reason to go off the rails.

As the end of the window neared, in turn, Braz pasted the representatives and made himself present. He always scored Flamengo as an alternative and waited for the chance of the boat. With the closing of entries for Champions and Europa League, he acted internally.

It was necessary to have the approval of other departments not to repeat scenarios such as those of the negotiations by Diego Alves (renewal), Rafinha and even Thiago Mendes. All faced challenges regarding the release of the requested amounts.

With David, there was a consensus on the name and the investment capacity was stipulated. And now there is silence. Even internally, the theme is practically prohibited and kept under lock and key among Braz, Bruno, Landim and important figures such as BAP and Tostes. There is a concern that the hype in the negotiation generates frustration in the fans.

The Flamengo delegation will only arrive in São Paulo next Saturday to face Palmeiras on Sunday. The club, in turn, has been in the Land of Drizzle for a long time and with the offensive set up by the defender.

New Flamengo Banner — Photo: Disclosure