For the second time in a month, Luciano Huck visits Paraíba, goes shopping and autographs books in João Pessoa’s bookstore by surprise

Luciano visited Paraíba (Photo: Reproduction)

The presenter Luciano Huck visited Paraíba this Thursday (10). This is the second time that the presenter of Domingão do Huck, from TV Globo, has visited the state in just one month.

Luciano published in his stories on Instagram walking around Mangabeira Shopping, in João Pessoa. The presenter decided to enter a bookstore, by surprise, and began to autograph his books.

The book “De Door to Door” authored by the presenter was officially released on September 8th. In the work, he brings together lessons learned, conversations with characters from various fields of knowledge and many memories, including the dramatic day he suffered a plane crash with his wife Angelica and their three children.

Fans of the presenter took advantage of the visit to group together and take pictures. The images were published on social networks.

On his first visit to the state of Paraíba, Huck went to the city of Pocinhos and took a singer to the first program shown last Sunday (5).

Before coming to the state of Paraíba, presenter Luciano Huck visited Pernambuco. He was photographed walking through the streets of Goiana. On the spot, Huck took pictures with fans.