Gabigol is denounced in the STJD and could lose more than half of the 2nd round of the Brasileirão

the attacker Gabriel Barbosa, of Flamengo, was denounced in the STJD – Superior Court of Sports Justice – for expulsion before the International in the rout suffered by 4 to 0, in Maracanã, by the Brazilian championship. The ace will be liable for conduct contrary to discipline or ethics.

The athlete was framed twice in article 258, §2, II of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice, which says: “Assume any conduct contrary to sporting discipline or ethics” and “disrespect the members of the arbitration team, or complain disrespectfully against their decisions”.

The judgment will be held on the 17th. The penalty for the frame goes from one to six matches. For having been framed twice, Gabigol could lose up to 12 matches of the Brazilian Championship by Flamengo, which would take him out of a good part of the second round of the competition.

“At 17 minutes into the final stage, Gabigol received the second yellow card for clapping his hands several times towards the referee. Brazilian football is this floodplain!”, words that were heard by assistant number one”, said the summary of the match, held on August 8th.