Galvão rejects Neymar’s outburst: ‘It is criticized when it deserves’

Galvão Bueno commented on Neymar’s outburst after the final whistle of the match between Peru and Brazil for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. [seleção brasileira] to be respected.” The narrator countered the attacker’s lines.

“Now he did well. In the end, talking about Pelé was good. Why does that say that he is persecuted all the time? He is criticized when he deserves to be criticized and praised when he deserves to be praised. It’s a certain exaggeration of Neymar, that’s what I say , he gets past the point sometimes, he doesn’t need it,” he said.

Author of one of the goals in the victory that ensured Brazil in the isolated leadership of the Qualifiers, Neymar said that the “lack of respect” is often given by reporters and commentators.

“I’m happy and happy with my teammates. I don’t know anymore what I need to do with this shirt for the guys to respect. This is normal, [o desrespeito] it’s from you reporters, commentators and others as well. Sometimes I don’t even like to talk in interviews anymore, but I come to give my opinion”, he said.

By scoring the second goal in Brazil’s victory against Peru, Neymar became the top scorer of the Brazilian national team in World Cup qualifiers. The number 10 shirt surpassed Zico and Romário and, with 12 goals, went on to lead the list.

Neymar’s 12th goal didn’t have such a high degree of difficulty: Everton Ribeiro shot, the defender deflected it before the goalkeeper reached the ball and, with Gallese down, the Brazilian striker only pushed into the back of the net. Neymar reached 69 goals in 113 games with the Brazil shirt.