Geisy Arruda launches erotic tales with nudes: ‘Cherry of the cake’

Geisy Arruda, 32 years old, will release his third book of erotic stories tonight. The work “Don’t Erase My Fire: Queime Comigo” brings a curious novelty in relation to the two books already released by the model and writer: it will have her nudes.

“In my book, there’s naughty things during home office, dirtying with neighbors, partying at college, hanging and a little bit of BDSM. My nudity is the icing on the cake, or dessert, it depends on my appetite,” he declared.

Geisy Arruda launches new book of erotic tale - Cauê Garcia / CG Comunicação - Cauê Garcia / CG Comunicação

Geisy Arruda launches new erotic story book

Image: Cauê Garcia / CG Comunicação

She said that the current moment of social isolation caused by covid-19 was her great challenge to unleash her imagination to create the sex stories.

“It was very difficult to write about erotic stories at a time when people couldn’t touch each other, have sex and everything else. So I adapted my stories to the pandemic,” he declared.

According to Geisy, the erotic tales of his work are, for the most part, accounts of his life stories. “Many stories are inspired by my own relationships and my fetishes, there are real situations,” he confided.

“Don’t Erase My Fire: Burn with Me” is a digital book with 15 erotic stories, involving the most varied stories, with a lot of imagination involved. From “peeps” to stories with Uber.

The book was written along with the pandemic, everyone was isolated, scared and low libido. It took me a year and four months as I had very low libido. He proves that even in difficulties and in the face of problems, the flame of pleasure and sex are very important, even for mental health.

In addition to “Don’t Erase My Fire”, Geisy Arruda released the works “The Pleasure of Revenge” and “Desejo Favorito”.