Genshin Impact: Leak Details New Ayato Character

A new update from Genshin Impact it was released a few days ago bringing Watatsumi and Serai, two new islands from the Inazuma region. The patch featured several new quests and three new characters, one of them not yet released.

As is quite common in the gaming scene, several leakers break game files whenever miHoYo releases a new update. The company has a very tough stance in relation to information leaks, even moving processes to reduce the amount of information revealed ahead of time.

Still, some leakers continue to scour patches for secrets. That’s how Sukuna, the game’s popular dataminer, found news about a new character.

In a message posted today (9) on Twitter, Sukuna informs that she will stop leaking information and leaves her followers a farewell gift: a list with various information about possible additions to the miHoYo RPG.

Among the news revealed by the dataminer, Ayato, a new Hydro-type character, will be released soon. He will be a Claymore user (two-handed sword) who can use an elemental explosion capable of creating a vortex that traps enemies, causing constant Hydro damage to opponents. Characters within Ayato’s vortex area of ​​effect take 40% bonus Hydro damage.

According to the leak, Ayato is the older brother of Ayaka, a character already available in the game. The boy is the leader of the Kamisato clan and Commissioner of Yashiro.

More information about the possible new character should be released soon, but probably only from official sources. After all, miHoYo’s efforts and its fight against leaks seem to be having an effect, as fewer and fewer leakers are willing to take the risk.

Genshin Impact is a free open world RPG game with versions for PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.