Google Workspace gains new tools for hybrid work

Google announced, this Wednesday (8), a series of new features for the suite with professional Workspace tools, aimed at the hybrid work model. Among the new features is the release of Spaces, the replacement for Rooms that allows chat conversations for all users.

Called Spaces in Portuguese, the tool allows the division of chats into topics and shows a view of the entire history, context and content of conversations. In addition, files and tasks can also be viewed, all to allow people to interact and contribute on common knowledge topics.

The Mountain View giant also announced news for Google Calendar. With the resumption of face-to-face work and the increase in the hybrid work regime, users will be able to select from the agenda which locations (home or office) they will work each day.

Google Workspace

The Google Meet and Gmail apps also gained a tool that allows people to call each other on their cell phone. The measure is an additional possibility to communicate beyond the virtual meeting links.

In the future

In addition to these news, Google said that in November this year it will launch Meet Companion mode for all users. It is a visualization and interaction mode focused on employees who are working in different locations (office, home office, coworking etc) and participating in the same video call.

People who are present in offices that have access to meeting tools (such as cameras and microphones) will be able to join calls from their own cell phones too, without creating noise or echoes. According to the company, with this it will be possible to connect to the flames with two different devices and use them to interact with co-workers.

Google Workspace