Government opens Public Center for Solidarity Economy in Porto Seguro – RADAR

This Saturday (11), the State Government, through the State Department of Labor, Employment, Income and Sports (Setre), inaugurates the Public Center for Solidarity Economy (Cesol) Costa do Descobrimento and Extremo Sul. for the sale of products from 88 solidary economic enterprises in 21 municipalities in Bahia, it will start operating. The solemn act is scheduled to take place at 6 pm at Avenida Portugal, 224, Centro, in Porto Seguro.

Approximately 1,500 families will benefit directly from the installation of Cesol in the region. The multifunctional space aims to offer technical assistance, marketing and communication support, assisted microcredit, qualification and distribution of inputs and equipment for groups, associations and cooperatives in the territory of the Discovery Coast and the extreme south of Bahia. The projects benefited will be inserted in sales networks, in conventional markets and in stores promoted and supported by Cesol.

The municipalities covered by the technical assistance of the new Cesol are: Belmonte, Eunápolis, Guaratinga, Itabela, Itagimirim, Itapebi, Porto Seguro, Santa Cruz Cabrália, Alcobaça, Caravelas, Ibirapoã, Itamaraju, Itanhém, Jucuruçu, Lajedão, Medeiros Neto, Mucuri, Nova Viçosa, Prado, Teixeira de Freitas and Vereda. The space will be managed by the social organization Associação Beneficente Josué de Castro.

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Cesol is Setre’s public policy equipment that promotes the sustainability of solidary economic enterprises, through the provision of socio-productive technical assistance, valuing local knowledge and potential so that groups, associations and cooperatives have the capacity to organize, in a perspective of self-management based on the principles of solidarity economy and cooperativism.