HBO Max launches in the week (08/09/2021)

The beginning of the month is usually a busy time for streaming services, which bring a fair amount of firsts to their subscribers. On WarnerMedia’s platform it couldn’t be different, and HBO Max’s release list for this first full week of September has a fair amount of new movies and new series. And, as usual, the Canaltech not only does it bring you all the news, it also indicates what you can watch to get the most out of the service.

For lovers of the seventh art, HBO Max has brought since the controversial Oscar winner for Best Picture of 2019 Green Book: The Guide even more discreet productions, but with extremely interesting plots for you to enjoy. This is the case, for example, with the post-apocalyptic drama The road. Starring Viggo Mortensen, the film is an adaptation of Cormac MacCarthy’s bestseller and follows the survival journey of a father and young son through a devastated United States that has long brought out the worst in people.

If you want an extra dose of action with a good hint of mystery, the thriller 22 Miles is a good indication of what to watch in the HBO Max catalogue. Here, Mark Wahlberg plays an experienced CIA agent who is dispatched to investigate suspicious nuclear activities in a particular country. There’s only one problem: first he’ll need to ensure the safety of his informant by transporting him to a refuge 22 miles away from the city center.

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Now if your preference is for dramatic films, no problem. Get the tissue box there and get ready to play on dear boy, a drama inspired by real events that portrays the struggle of a father who does everything to cure his son of drug addiction. Sharply sharp, the father-son duo played by Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet conveys to the viewer not only the full weight of this situation, but also the unshakable love of those who are committed to confronting the harsh reality that addiction is a disease and does not choose which family to shake.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are talking about real cases, the miniseries Laetitia has been catching the attention of the Brazilian public in the HBO Max catalogue. The Staircase, the production tells the story of the title character, an 18-year-old girl with a troubled life who mysteriously disappears and is supposedly dead. But as the investigations progress, the case takes on disturbing contours and reveals details that divide public opinion and expose the fragility of the French justice system. A full plate for fans of criminal plots based on real events.

Speaking of investigation, HBO Max is now the new home of The Following, one of the most acclaimed productions of the 2010s and that since October 2020 was far from streaming services. Starring Kevin Bacon, it follows the daily life of FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who managed to arrest one of the most dangerous psychopaths in the country and responsible for creating a network of serial killers across the US. But the bad guy manages to break out of prison and Hardy has to get back on the case, starting an endless and breathtaking chase.

To round off this week’s nomination round, HBO Max hosted a handful of productions that will delight superhero fans. It is worth mentioning the arrival of the 1st full season of Swamp monster, from the new episode of the second season of stargirl and several animated features, including the spoken Batman: The Deadly Joke and the intriguing Superman: Between the Scythe and the Hammer.

Want more? No problem. Below you can check the complete list of all HBO Max releases this week. In addition to the movies and series that made it to the streaming service’s catalogue, the Canaltech also included the links to each of the premieres. So, your only job is to choose, click and press play. Have a good time!

All releases of the week on HBO Max






  • No new movies, series and/or episodes have entered the HBO Max catalog that day.




  • No new movies, series and/or episodes have entered the HBO Max catalog that day.


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