Holyfield is asked if he sees similarities between Belfort and Mike Tyson and gives a sincere answer

At the last press conference before their boxing match this Saturday, Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort preached respect for each other.

The boxing legend was asked if the former champion of the UFC had similarities with Mike Tyson, Holyfield’s biggest rival in his career, because of his aggressiveness and always looking to knock out his opponent.

But Holyfield was sincere and direct in his response.

“I don’t see (similarities)”. Everyone knows that Mike Tyson was very aggressive and he fought like that. When I see fights I realize that I can box with fighters, I never said I can fight better, but I can box better. I know how to box and that’s why I was good against the big guys, they could be bigger and hit harder, but they didn’t beat me in boxing. I know if I went to MMA it would hurt me, but not in boxing, I always did things to my advantage. I’m 58 years old, but I’m in shape,” said the American.

Holyfield revealed that the opportunity to face Belfort came while he was training to fight Tyson again in a veterans fight.

“I got into it while I was getting ready to fight Mike Tyson. For 2 years the fight came and went, I was getting ready for another fight I should do, I said if he (Belfort) wanted to do it I would do it. get paid for my time, I’ve been training for 2 years, they said ‘how are you going to be ready in a week?’. I’ve been training for 2 years.”