Hours after saying that he respects Poderes, Bolsonaro returns to attack Barroso

‘Nobody convinces,’ said the president to the minister’s defense of electronic voting machines

Photo: Reproduction/Social Media

Photo: Reproduction/Social Media

President Jair Bolsonaro again launched attacks against Supreme Court ministers a few hours after releasing a statement in which he backs off and says ‘respect the institutions’.

On the night of Thursday 9, live broadcast on social networks, Bolsonaro stated that the ‘beautiful words’ of Luís Roberto Barroso in defense of electronic voting machines ‘do not convince anyone’.

“Beautiful words, which I know Minister Barroso has, given his training as a jurist, unlike mine, who uses swear words from time to time, but doesn’t convince anyone,” he said.

The ‘beautiful words’ quoted by the former captain refer to the harsh response of the president of the Superior Electoral Court to his attacks. Opening the TSE session on Thursday, Barroso said that “all the good people know that there was no fraud and who the faker is”, rebutting the president’s attacks.

After saying that the speech is not convincing, Bolsonaro started to make homophobic insinuations against the minister to defend the printed vote, a proposal already defeated in Congress.

“If it announces that it is announcing new protective measures at the polls, it is because they have a loophole. Because, Barroso, they are penetrable. Got it, Barroso? Minister Barroso, understand? The urns are penetrable, people can penetrate them,” he said in a mocking tone. “Democracy is contradictory. I can like it and you don’t like it. Can you imagine if I like the same thing as Barroso?”, he added.

In the broadcast, he questioned the court’s decision to demonetize pocket pages that spread false news and, despite the attacks, he said he is open to dialogue, including with the president of the TSE.

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