“I changed from yesterday to today”, says architect at the altar

Rio de Janeiro – Positioned on the altar, the architect Eder Meneghine announces: “I changed boyfriend.” The surprise, recorded on video, triggered Eder’s wedding, which replaced the partner on the eve of the ceremony.

The event took place on the holiday of September 7, last Tuesday, on Ilha da Gigóia, in the west side of Rio. In the images of the wedding, Eder speaks and justifies the change:

“I messed up 20 years in my life. And I messed up 20 years on something that could have really worked. I had to change the documents and I’ll let you know the following: But I changed from yesterday to today”, said Eder.

The video, published by G1, shows the exact moment when chef Hugo Oliveira, 44, enters the ceremony. The groom replaced Dyl Reis, 23, from Minas Gerais, to the surprise of the 120 guests at the party, at Solar das Palmeiras.

“Yesterday (Monday, 6/9), at 8 pm, I changed boyfriends. Because at 8:00 pm, I realized that the person who would be here now marrying me would not be the person in my life. So I didn’t hesitate. I just switched,” he continued.

“But I’m getting married today because I need to get married at 60 years old. It’s time to get married. So, surprisingly, I invited Hugo to marry me”, said Eder, before her future husband entered the party.


High society party valued at R$250 thousand

The exchange of the bride and groom was another attraction of the dream party, produced by Eder. The architect also promotes events and ceremonies, in addition to owning restaurants and venues for events. In his wedding alone, he invested more than R$ 250,000 in decoration, structure and services.

Among the guests were well-known figures from Rio’s high society, such as socialite Vera Loyola, filmmaker Neville D’Almeida, drag Isabelita dos Patins and baroness Bete Suzano.

The event featured luxury and sophistication. The halls are decorated with Baccarat chandeliers, Chinese porcelain and polished stone lions. The buffet had a menu of shrimp, salmon and paella, a three-story cake in the shape of a pineapple, and a wreath made with albino ostrich feathers.

The ceremony was also watered by more than 100 bottles of champagne served by the waiters. Even without having planned it, the marriage proposal was special.

“Why not marry this person who was always right with me and guarantee him the civil rights he deserves? Why not guarantee a quality future? Actually, it’s not that he’s the great love of my life, but I discovered in that difficult moment that I had in the figure of Hugo Oliveira the greatest friend and partner of my entire life. And I never gave him the opportunity he deserved,” Eder said.