‘I respect this lady, but she needs to think about what she’s talking about,’ says Latino about Val Marchiori | Fabia Oliveira

Val Marchiori and LatinoReproduction / Editing

Published 09/09/2021 05:00

Latino was not happy to know that Val Marchiori said that the singer proposed the two of them form a couple in a traditional Carnival ball to ‘bomb’ and ‘appear’ in the media in a recent interview. “Does anyone remember a Vogue dance that I was single? I’ve never marketed my relationships because those who know me know that I only relate when I’m in love. I’m driven by passion. What she said doesn’t match my character or my character. my story. I respect this lady, but she needs to think about what she is talking about and what the proportion and moral damage can cause people,” detonated Latino.

The socialite made the revelation in the podcast ‘Papagaio Falador’, led by Sérgio Mallandro and Luiz França, Val Marchiori made a revelation about the façade relationship. “You believe that Latino had the capacity to call me one day. I interviewed him in the ‘They Want to Know’ box. Then there was going to be the Vogue Ball, I was alone and he said: ‘Val, are we going to show up at the ball as boyfriends?’ I said: ‘Euuu? What????!’ I didn’t even know him very well. And he said, ‘Because we’re going to bomb, I’ll make a statement for you.’ I’m out, I’d never do it for fame, to show up”, said Val, who still called him a ‘trucker’. “Everything he says, you can’t trust too much”, he added.