In a new decree, Goiânia authorizes the return of the public to the stadiums | soccer

In a new decree, published this Friday, the Goiânia City Hall authorizes the return of the public to the stadiums. Initially, the release is for a maximum of 1500 fans or up to 30% of the capacity of each sports venue, provided that specific test-events have already been held.

The decree also requires compliance with the protocols established by the Municipal Health Department and prohibits the sale of food, beverages or other products in the vicinity of the stadiums.

Olympic Stadium, in Goiânia: games had been held without a public since March 2020 — Photo: Publicity

Despite the release from City Hall, this week’s games between Vila Nova and Náutico, this Friday, and Atlético-GO and Corinthians, on Sunday, will still not have the presence of fans in the stadiums.

With the authorization of the City Hall, Goiás and Vila Nova intend to trigger the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) to have public in their games in Serie B. In a meeting with the CBF last Wednesday, there was no consensus between the clubs, especially because Cruzeiro stated that it would continue playing matches with fans, while the others did not yet have that possibility.

In Serie A, Atlético-GO and 18 other clubs entered into an agreement to wait until all cities have the release of their respective city halls. Flamengo, which already has an injunction from the STJD, is the only one who does not agree with the decision and intends to play with fans immediately. A new meeting is scheduled for September 28th.

See details of Decree 3920:

Decree authorizes the return of the public to the stadiums in Goiânia — Photo: Reproduction/Official Gazette of the Municipality

Goiânia has not played games with fans since March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic led to the banning of audiences in stadiums.