Industrial production: 3 locations above pre-pandemic period – News

THE industrial production operates above the pre-pandemic level, of February 2020, in only three of the 15 locations analyzed by the Regional PIM (Monthly Industrial Survey), of the IBGE, released this Thursday (9). The highlight, from June to July, was Minas Gerais (11.8% above), which since July last year is the only place that remains. Santa Catarina (3.4%) and Paraná (0.4%), which entered the list with the result of July, are the other two poles.

According to the survey, there was a fall in seven of the 15 places analyzed in the period. The main retreat was in Amazonas: -14.4%. The retraction in São Paulo (-2.9%) was the second largest, but the first in influencing the result, due to the weight of industry in São Paulo in national production.

THE national production fell 1.3%, as released by IBGE last week.

For the research analyst, Bernardo Almeida, the month of July demonstrates, in the foreground, the portrait of the regional industry that was already seen before the pandemic.

“With the advance of vaccination and greater circulation of people, the industry is beginning to show its pre-pandemic reality, but with conditions that have increased, such as unemployment and inflation,” he says.

Citing the latest results of the PNAD (Continuous National Household Sample Survey) and the IPCA (Broad National Consumer Price Index), the researcher adds that “the result of the regional industry reflects the economic moment shown by other IBGE surveys”.


After four positive rates, the fall in Amazonas in July (-14.4%) eliminated part of the 18.6% growth accumulated in this period (March-June).” Two very influential sectors in the state had poor performance: the beverage sector and that of other transport equipment”, explains Almeida.

São Paulo

Main negative influence and place with the second biggest absolute fall, São Paulo registered the second negative rate in a row, accumulating a loss of 3.7% in two months. “This drop in July refers a lot to the vehicle sector, which stood out the most negatively, and as is already known, one of the biggest in the São Paulo industry”, says the researcher.

annual comparison

In comparison with July last year, whose national growth was 1.2%, seven of the 15 places surveyed showed growth in production. Espírito Santo (9.4%), Minas Gerais (8.6%), Paraná (8.2%) and Santa Catarina (7.8%) had the biggest increases. Rio de Janeiro (2.8%), Rio Grande do Sul (2.4%) and São Paulo (1.3%) completed the group of places with growth in July.

On the other hand, Bahia (-12.2%), Pará (-10.9%) and the Northeast Region (-9.6%) had the most intense falls in this comparison, followed by Pernambuco (-8.6%), Amazonas (-8.1%), Ceará (-3.2%), Mato Grosso (-3.1%) and Goiás (-3.0%).