Juliette explains a controversial piece of music, talks about flirting and tells the expected news: “My goal was reached”; check out!

Twitter has become too small for Juliette’s cacti! This Thursday (9), the winner of “BBB 21” held a chat with her fans on Twitter Spaces, mediated by our boss, Hugo Gloss, and with the presence of the official fan club Acesso Juliette and the music producer Juze. In the conversation, which reached the most talked about topics, Juliette talked about the release of her long-awaited EP, evaluated future feats, clips, and gave something much awaited by the public.

Fans are hungry for the clips of Juliette’s songs — so far, only “Difference Mara” has won a video. According to the artist, this is a question that depends on her cacti: the most listened songs will become audiovisual projects. Ju is eyeing the reception of the public, including for possible partnerships. When asked about feats, the star changed the subject, but Hugo Gloss insisted and asked if a feat with Alok was in her plans. “It’s my heart’s desire and there’s a very beautiful project there that I think will work out”, Juliette conceded. Look what’s coming, huh?

Juliette Ep
Juliette finally released her debut EP last Friday (3). (Photo: Fernando Tomaz)
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Some attentive listeners were puzzled by a phrase from the song “Bença”. In one excerpt, Juliette sings: “But I come from the hinterland / Coconuts are too dry, brother / And the prejudice I just eat with flour”. The phrase drew a lot of attention because, if there’s one thing we know, after following the singer 24 hours a day on “BBB21”, it’s that she doesn’t swallow prejudice. However, Juliette explained what she meant in the song: “It’s an irony. Like, ‘my love, this is nothing, I’ll eat this with flour, you can send it. I don’t accept it, but it can come, it doesn’t affect me’”.

Some songs on the EP are pretty hot… In “Vixe Que Gostoso”, for example, Juliette says: “It’s because your kiss is mass / I like it when you squash me / When your tongue passes slowly over my body”. So, does she have any steady contact who has a massive kiss? “I’m not dating, I have flirting. The people ship me with everyone. I’m still single, free, take it and let it go, I still have a few crushes, but I need more, flirt with me”, joked.

To complete the chat, Juliette also shared a news much awaited by fans: her mother, Dona Fátima, finally performed the surgery she needed on her heart. This was the biggest reason for Juliette to participate in “BBB21”, to pay for the procedure — the thought that moved her to the end. “I joined the BBB with the purpose of saving my mother, saving my family. My mother had a heart problem, which was a foramen, she could have a stroke at any time. As much as she had. Now when I did that blackout on my [perfil], I took the opportunity to do my mother’s surgery, and thank God everything worked out. The goal I had, which was to join the program, earn some money and do this, was achieved. My mother the same day was walking, she was perfect. The little hole in her heart was huge, the doctor was surprised that she hadn’t had another stroke yet. When the EP came out, I was with her, she was recovering from the surgery. […] That was my biggest goal, I’m doing very well, I’m very happy, I just need to manage so much good”, revealed. What happiness!