Juliette says that her mother has had surgery promised since winning the ‘BBB’

Juliette, 31, told today that, during her period away from the internet at the end of last month, she was with her mother, Dona Fátima, who underwent heart surgery. While on “Big Brother Brasil 21”, the woman from Paraíba said that she would use the program’s premium to pay for her mother’s operation.

While fans speculated about the release of the EP, the “BBB” champion’s social networks even had photos deleted, Juliette said, on Twitter Spaces, a voice chat room, during a conversation with influencer Hugo Gloss, who accompanied his mother during the operation.

“I joined ‘BBB’ with a purpose, which was to operate on my mother. She had a heart condition, which at any time she could have a stroke. Now, when I blackout my record, I took the opportunity to do it. her surgery. Thank God, everything worked out. The little hole in her heart was huge. I spent this moment by her side. I’m very grateful, very happy and that was my biggest goal! My challenge is to manage the good things,” said Juliette, who completed by stating that Dona Fátima on the same day was already able to walk.

Upon winning the R$1.5 million prize, Juliette said that part of the money would go to providing the mother’s operation. “I’m going to give her what I couldn’t give my sister. My sister died in a public hospital, and she had no choice, and my mother will now have it. If she wants to operate in the best hospital, with the best doctors, she’ll choose. If she doesn’t want to, I’ll respect it,” said the woman from Paraíba.

At the time, the BBB champion stated that it was a problem with her heart and that it would only be resolved after this operation. “She has a ‘hole’ in her heart. She had a stroke because she needed to close it… and there was a pandemic, and she can’t. But, if she wants to… Because it’s an option,” he said.

Musical career

In the chat, Juliette said that she didn’t think she could record songs and that people saw Paraíba as a possible singer. “After leaving the program, I didn’t think I would be a singer. But when I left, people said I could be a singer. My friends and singers encouraged me and I talked to Anitta, who said she had an open path.” commented.

After that, she knew the lyrics of the songs that were made for her, took a while to see if she liked and if she had been interested in any. Along this path, she took a liking to it and gained confidence and courage, but with a lot of butterflies in her stomach.

She also talked about her new EP and the meaning of the songs. The woman from Paraíba said that she chose the songs that resembled her. “The northeastern elements touch my heart, because it’s the language I’ve been listening to. It’s a great affective language. I chose the songs that most resembled me, that were made for me. It was just a matter of adaptation, of feeling that it was what I was I wanted to and take courage,” she said.

Juliette responded about the controversial phrase of her song “Bença”. She stated that “the prejudice I only eat with flour” is an irony.

But despite having recorded the EP, Juliette said she doesn’t consider herself a singer. “I say I am a singing person, a singing person,” he said.

About musical partnerships, Juliette said that the release will serve as a thermometer to see what the public likes her singing and, thus, to think about future projects. There are several projects in the drawer, but they are in the plans of ideas. But, she confessed that there is a possible project with DJ Alok, but that there is no confirmed date for any kind of release. “There’s a very nice project there with him, but nothing has been confirmed. With Alok it’s very likely,” she said.

When asked about a project with Chico César, who during his confinement sang the singer’s song “Deus Me Proteja” several times, Juliette said she hasn’t found it yet.

“I still haven’t met Chico César in person. This meeting will be on a program with him soon and I want to talk about [feat dela com Chico César]”, she said.

Another highly charged partnership is between her and Anitta, but Juliette said that is not in the plans right now, as the singer lives in the United States and has had many work commitments there. The woman from Paraíba also made a point of thanking Anitta for her encouragement in her musical career.

“I’m flattered that she saw potential in me, because she really is very good at what she does, we have a very strong emotional bond, which only increased in the period I spent there, with her family, with her mother, brother . They kept looking at me and saying, ‘Oh my God, you look a lot like her!’ ” Juliette said.

She also said that the most played songs on the EP could become the next clips she can record. This will depend on which one is most popular on digital platforms. In addition, she also said that, on the day of her debut on TVZ, at Multishow, next Monday (13), she will make the first performance of her musical work.

In the conversation, she confessed to Hugo Gloss and to everyone who listened to Spaces that she had already managed to multiply the value of the R$1.5 million “BBB” prize a few times. “I don’t look at these things, but it’s multiplied a few times,” said the cactus queen, a little awkwardly.