La Casa de Papel finally explains betrayal that kills Nairobi

In the Bank of Spain robbery at La Casa de Papel, Nairobi’s arc of death begins with Gandía managing to break free with Palermo’s help. Rodrigo de la Serna, the person responsible for the betrayal on Netflix, believes it was a moment of despair for his character.

After the episodes, fans were outraged. Gandia proved to be very dangerous and managed to get caught by the gang. But Palermo simply helps him again, which leads to more injuries and a sad death at La Casa de Papel.


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At that moment, Palermo was questioning the reason for not having total leadership. Therefore, it was left aside by the companions. To Collider, Rodrigo de la Serna explained what Palermo was thinking.

“Well, I’d say ask the writers, but the truth is, he was desperate to regain control. He wanted to return to leadership and that would be a justification, so it became a desperate act for that”, said the actor.

José Manuel Poga, known as Gandía, agreed with his colleague. Furthermore, he said that Palermo “wanted to see chaos” because he knew he was unleashing a beast like the soldier.

La Casa de Papel has the first part of the fifth season

The end of La Casa de Papel promises more than answers to mysteries. The series ends with a real war on Netflix.

“It has been more than 100 hours since the mission at the Bank of Spain began. The group of robbers managed to rescue Lisbon, but there is no reason to celebrate — quite the opposite: the moment is one of tension and mourning. The Professor has been captured by Sierra and, for the first time in his life, he doesn’t have an escape plan.

When it seemed that the situation could not get any worse, an enemy much more powerful than any ever faced appears: the army. The biggest robbery in history is coming to an end — and what started as a robbery is about to turn into war,” says last season’s synopsis.

Part 1 of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel is available. The final installment arrives Dec. 3 on Netflix.