Lira backs away from the statement about Bolsonaro’s threat to the Supreme Court and says he is a victim of ‘decontextualization’

Mayor Arthur Lira.  Photo: SERGIO LIMA/AFP

Mayor Arthur Lira. Photo: SERGIO LIMA/AFP

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), used social media to try to explain himself about a statement made on Thursday 8 in which he relativized the threat made by the president Jair Bolsonaro on the 7th of September of not complying with the decisions of the Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court.

“I want to clarify a speech I made earlier that is being decontextualized. I didn’t say that the STF makes unconstitutional decisions. I would never do it. Court decision is fulfilled. It can be questioned later, in the judicial sphere. But it must be fulfilled,” wrote Lira.

Earlier, questioned by a journalist about the fact that the president of the STF, Luiz Fux, had indicated a crime of responsibility by Bolsonaro by inciting disobedience to the rulings of the Court, Lira distorted the statement of the former captain.

“An analysis that the STF had of speech. There are other analyses. Let’s wait and see events. At first, the legal counsel is analyzing the speech in its entirety. We already have some positions that say that unconstitutional decisions would not be complied with. Nobody is obliged to comply with an unconstitutional decision. Now, we all have an obligation to comply with the correct decision of the Court”, said Lira.

Bolsonaro, however, did not mention “unconstitutional decisions”. In a speech in São Paulo on September 7, the president said: “To tell you that any decision from Mr. Alexandre de Moraes that president will no longer fulfill. Our people’s patience has run out. He has time to ask for his hat and go about his business. He, for us, no longer exists”.

On Wednesday 8, Fux declared: “The Supreme Court will also not tolerate threats to the authority of its decisions. If contempt for judicial decisions occurs at the initiative of the Head of any of the Powers, this attitude, in addition to representing an attack on democracy, constitutes a crime of responsibility, to be analyzed by the National Congress. In a mature political environment, questioning of judicial decisions must be carried out not through disobedience, not through disorder, and not through the chaos caused, but certainly through the resources that the proper procedural channels offer”.

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