Live on TV, a Globo reporter is moved when interviewing a hungry man in a street situation: “It hurts your heart”; watch

The humanity of Veruska Donato drew the attention of viewers who followed the newspaper “SP1” this Thursday (9). The TV Globo reporter entered a live link to talk about the end of the Citizen Kitchen project, which distributes lunchboxes to the homeless population in São Paulo. The action was created at the beginning of the pandemic and, according to the journalist, will be closed by the city on the 27th of this month.

While showing the delivery of food in front of Nossa Senhora da Penha Church, in Jardim Peri, Veruska came across a scene, in her own words, “of hurting the heart” – a man who improvised a spoon with Styrofoam in order to kill the hungry right there in the queue.

“It’s heart wrenching. This gentleman took two lunchboxes. Two lunchboxes are delivered per person to take home. But he is so hungry that he improvised a spoon with Styrofoam to eat in line himself. I don’t know… If people aren’t sensitized to it, I’m sensitized. I get goose bumps”, vented the journalist, with a choked voice.

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“Anyway, it’s the end of the Citizen Kitchen program. Jardim Peri is not part of this program, but the company that makes these lunchboxes has already announced that it has a contract with the city hall only until the 27th.. This makes the staff of Nossa Senhora da Penha Church very concerned”, she continued.

Afterwards, Donato talked to the man, who identified himself as José Rodrigues da Mata. “Is this the first meal you have today?”she asked, who couldn’t hide her anguish when she heard an affirmative answer. “This story is heartbreaking”, finished, very moved. Check out:

The reporter’s transparency reverberated on social media. Maximum respect for journalism by Veruska Donato in the coverage of recent months about the famine that is raging in Jardim Peri. You have to be a scoundrel not to be indignant about what this country has become”, commented also journalist Lucas Faraldo, on Twitter. “Veruska’s emotion is our emotion. Hunger does not wait, it is necessary to help these people”, agreed TV História columnist Fábio Mackezini.

“Veruska Donato thrilled during the live on #SP1 about the end of Citizen’s Kitchen and leaving everyone with a lump in their throats at home too. There’s no way to think it’s a good idea to end this program, with the amount of homeless people right now…”, declared Folha de São Paulo reporter Vitor Moreno. Check out more reactions from the web: