LoL: Vex’s initial concept allowed to increase the range of allied spells

Vex’s arrival at LoL was finally revealed by Riot, but the champion’s initial concepts were a little different from what was shown to the public. In a post on the game’s blog, League of Legends designers showed how the original ideas were for the yordle, which even had the possibility of increasing the range of allied spells.

“Vex’s original game mechanics, designed by Nathan ‘Lutzburg’ Lutz, called for the creation of portals that increased the distance reached by allied projectiles,” revealed Rioter Cashmir in a recent post on the company’s official website. “Basically, it would be like Miss Fortune’s ults reached double the distance or Blitzcrank’s tugs appeared out of nowhere, plus other pretty scary but very exciting experiences like these,” he adds.

LoL Vex
Conceptual images of Vex in LoL. Photo: Publicity/Riot Games

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“There was only one problem: it would cost several years of the visual effects budget. It’s not an exaggeration. Almost all of LoL’s projectile abilities would need to be completely redone with updated visuals just to interact with the Vex kit. And that was simply unfeasible”, cites the representative.

With that, the whole kit needed to be rethought, but keeping the idea of ​​“expansion” that they wanted for the champion. You can check all Vex skills in LoL right here in Mais Esports.