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The Lotofácil da Independência draw is scheduled to take place next Saturday (11), at 8 pm, with an estimated prize of BRL 150 million. According to Caixa Econômica, this is the highest amount paid in the competition modality.

Bets can be placed until 19:00 on the day of the draw, which will be broadcast online. In 2020, the value reached R$124.9 million and had 50 winners from 17 states.

The prize amount can still be multiplied with investment applications or even leaving it in savings. In a month, for example, the return on savings is more than R$ 450,000.

With the investment in the Treasury Selic, considering the basic interest rate at 5.25%, the return reaches R$ 640,900 in one month.

Simulations carried out by the financial solutions analyst at Ativa Investimentos, Rodrigo Beresca, show that profitability can reach more than BRL 9.8 million in 12 months.

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Performancein 12 monthsin 1 month
SavingsBRL 5,512,500.00BRL 451,814.34
Selic TreasureBRL 7,875,000.00BRL 640,969.16
CDB 120% CDIBRL 9,450,000.00BRL 765,636.11
LCI/LCA at 100% of CDIBRL 9,843,750BRL 796,626.44

*Source: Rodrigo Bescara, from Ativa Investimentos

Which one should I choose?

According to the analyst, to know which asset to choose, it is necessary to know what the money will be used for and when it will be redeemed: short, medium or long term. The investment portfolio can also count on the support of a qualified professional and specialist in the subject.

“In the financial market, we have several options and investment possibilities. Each investor must know his/her own profile, if you are a more conservative person who is not in favor of fluctuations or if you are willing to take risks”, points out Beresca.

THE savings, for example, is usually more conservative, although it has the lowest profitability. Furthermore, it is exempt from income tax.

“There is the possibility of the investor making investments in assets that bring a monthly income, such as real estate funds, or even pre-fixed that pay interest coupons”.

Rodrigo Beresca

financial solutions analyst

Another advantageous option is the LCI (Real Estate Credit Bill) and the LCA (Agribusiness Credit Bill), also exempt from taxation and with profitability superior to savings.

Also of fixed income, Bank Deposit Certificates (CDB) are another option for the winner, which, like LCI/LCA, earns from the Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI) rate.

how to bet

Bets can be placed on specific steering wheels of the Lotofácil da Independência, available at lotteries throughout the country. Or on Caixa’s website or app.

The application of Lotteries Cash is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Download the “Loterias CAIXA” app from the app store
  • Log in, and if you don’t have a registration
  • On the home page, the available bets will appear. Go to the desired one and click on “Bet”
  • Select numbers from the chosen tens or complete with random numbers
  • Click on “Add to betting cart”. The minimum amount for in-app purchases is R$30.
  • Go to “Betting Cart” and click “Proceed to Payment Method”
  • Enter your credit card details and click on “Bet and authorize charge”
  • If the transaction has been confirmed, “Congratulations! Your bets have been successfully placed” will appear on the screen.

the bet costs BRL 2.50 and the player must choose between 15 to 20 numbers out of the 25 available on the ticket.

On the site, it is still possible to purchase a special combo with 12 bets for the contest or for other sports.

How it works

With the contest, the other Lotofácil drawings were suspended until September 11th and, as in other special modalities, the prize does not accumulate.

If there are no winning bets with 15 numbers, the value will be divided between those who match 14 numbers and so on.

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