Luan Santana exposes hater and rebuts nasty criticism on social network

Not here, hater! Luan Santana took advantage of the #TBT mood on Thursday (9/9) and exposed a nasty comment they left in their first video posted on Youtube. The singer shared the print with his followers and encouraged people not to give up on their dreams.

The comment left by the hater read: “Which gypsy girl tricked this boy into saying he sings? If you sing that to any girl she’ll never want to look you in the face again. Try another way to win a girl, but with your mouth shut, for God’s sake. Forget about this music business and go look for a land for you to weed”.


Luan, through a post on his Instagram, exposed the screenshot and shared the video of one of his performances, with the show sold out and fans singing in chorus his hit When the bad hits. In the caption, he blurted out:

“This comment was left by someone 13 years ago in my first video posted on YouTube. At that time, I was just a 15 to 16 year old boy, starting to search for my dreams. A lot is said nowadays about haters, about toxic comments on the internet, about cancellations… But 13 years ago, they were already there, like ghosts, trying to put me down and saying that I wouldn’t be able to.”

She continued: “But this is not a post about sadness, it’s a post about achievements, about believing in our dreams, even though no gypsy has said anything, because I didn’t need anyone to tell me it was possible. Inside me, I had the main thing: the desire to make it work. Believe in yourselves, in your dreams and don’t let any negative comments spoil the path that God has already written for you to walk”, he concluded.