Luciano Huck was humiliated on Globo by not reaching the same number as Faustão

Despite the rushed showing of the film Círculo de Fogo due to the suspension of the game between Brazil and Argentina for the World Cup qualifiers, Luciano Huck’s debut at Domingão brought good results.

According to preliminary data, the presenter scored an average of 18 audience points, surpassing Tiago Leifert, but still lagging behind Faustão’s marks.

In the last four Sundays, with the exhibition of the Super Dance of the Famous, Leifert registered an average of 17.4 points. His record ahead of the Sunday program was 20.0 points, in his farewell to the attraction.

Fausto Silva scored an average of 18.3 points in his last four programs.

This year’s record for Domingão also goes to Faustão, who scored 21.3 points on May 23, the second week of Super Dança dos Famosos.

This Sunday (5th), the program recorded a peak of 20.0 points, with the debut of Show dos Famosos. In addition, the global attraction led by far, as Record scored 7 points on average, SBT 5 points and Band 2.

Many people were frustrated with the result, as they expected more from the presenter. Mainly for being his debut show.

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