Luxembourg warns kids from Cruzeiro’s base: ‘If you’re 16 years old and have potential, you’ll go up and play’ – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Rodolfo Rodrigues/Cruzeiro
Rodolfo Rodrigues/Cruzeiro

Very successful in his career, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo set aside some time in Cruzeiro’s training schedule, which is getting ready to face Ponte Preta on Saturday (11), at 11:00 am, at Arena do Jacaré, for the B Series, and gave a lecture to players of the under-20 team and technical committees from all categories of the club’s base, at Toca da Raposa I. During the chat, the coach highlighted that he always liked to work with young athletes and that, regardless of age, he puts them to play. Just have potential.

“One thing you need to understand is that entrepreneurs need to work for you and not you for them. You need to decide what you want out of your career and not them. You can be sure that I don’t look at the athlete’s age. If the boy is 16 years old and I see potential, he will go up and play. I’m not afraid to launch athletes, I’ve done it throughout my career”, he highlighted.

This year at Cruzeiro, Luxemburgo has been giving opportunities for three home silver: left-back Matheus Pereira, defensive midfielder Adriano and forward Thiago, who has already scored two goals under the coach’s command, one in a 1-1 draw with Goiás, last Tuesday (7), and another in the 1-0 victory over Náutico, on August 17, both in the B Series.

In training at Toca, Luxa has also been using other young athletes, such as defender Matheus Vieira, defensive midfielder Riquelmy, midfielder Daniel Junior and striker Victor Leque.

In his speech to the heavenly kids, Luxemburg stressed that they need to have humility, but be endowed with personality, to be winners.

“If you’re not a winner, you’re not going anywhere. I’m only here because I’m a winner. You have to have a history, show that you’ve won. It takes humility, but also personality. Because if you’re just humble, they’ll step on your head. That’s why it’s necessary to have a personality”, he said.

As for the members of the technical committees, Luxemburgo mentioned the importance of having a team of excellence at his side in the daily work. “I was one of the first in Brazil to have a multidisciplinary team with psychology, nutrition, physiology and performance analyst. The coach needs to know everything that happens at the club, get involved in all areas, but always let the professionals work in their roles”, concluded.