Man accused of hiding mother’s body at home to receive pension – International

Suspect confessed to fraud and omission
Suspect confessed to fraud and omission of mother’s corpse, according to Austrian police (photo: Getty Images)

*Warning: The text contains details that can be considered disturbing.

For a year, a 66-year-old man kept his mother’s mummified corpse not only to continue receiving her pension, according to the Austrian police.

The 89-year-old woman, who suffered from dementia, is believed to have died of natural causes in June of last year.

The son then placed her body in the basement of the house and used ice packs and bandages to mask the smell.

During this period, the police believe that he may have irregularly received 50 thousand euros (about R$ 307 thousand) in pensions.

Suspicion only surfaced after a novice postman asked to make a direct elderly delivery, which was denied. This triggered an investigation and led to a discovery in the Tyrol region in western Austria.

Police told Austrian public broadcaster ORF that the suspect also covered the mother’s body with cat litter.

Police initiated investigation after postman was unable to deliver directly to elderly woman (photo: Getty Images)

“In the end, the corpse was mummified,” said police officer Helmuth Gufler, adding that the man confessed to fraud and keeping the body at home.

Also according to Gufler, the man had no other income and told the police that payments would be stopped immediately if he had reported his mother’s death, which would have left him unable to pay for her funeral or support the house they shared. .

The suspect also lost his brother by saying that his mother was in the hospital and was not worth visiting as she was no longer able to recognize anyone.

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