Marcelo Adnet provokes truck drivers in audio imitating Bolsonaro | celebrities

Marcelo Adnet imitates Bolsonaro in audio aimed at truck drivers at a stoppage on the roadsreproduction

Published 09/09/2021 5:17 PM

Rio – Marcelo Adnet played by imitating Jair Bolsonaro (no party) during the early morning and afternoon of Thursday (9). The comedian posted an audio on Twitter in which he simulates the president’s voice and asks truck drivers who have stopped roads in Brazil to dance the Macarena.

“I would even ask you to forward this audio to all the truck drivers who are there with us on this issue. What do I have to say that the audio that circulated there is fake, okay? This is the real one, and for you to stay there, and start dancing macarena, now, at 3:15 am, and never stop. I want to see no one on the ride! Everyone out dancing macarena until that one there asks you out,” said Adnet in the audio, which went viral on the social networks.

The recording took place hours after Bolsonaro sent an audio to the truckers, asking them to end the stoppages so as not to affect the economy. Organizers questioned the authenticity of Bolsonaro’s speech, authenticated by Minister Tarcisio de Freitas (Infrastructure).

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