Marine at Palmeiras? President of Santos confirms conversations with Verdão and reveals the player’s will

Forward Marinho said yesterday in an interview that he was wanted by Palmeiras and Atlético-MG. The athlete also commented on his position as a professional at Santos.

Andres Rueda, president of the beach club, gave more details about the conversation he had with the player and about the interview.

“This interview was another outburst,” Rueda began. “We were clear that, if an interesting proposal came to Santos, there would be no problem. Did not arrive. Now, the environment, he is very dear to the players and the fans, who did not understand the reasons for not playing”, he said.

“Our conversation was very good, it’s clear, he starts playing and scoring goals very quickly”, evaluated Rueda.

Conversations with Palmeiras

The Santos representative stated that he had conversations with Palmeiras, but vehemently denied that he had any dialogue with Atlético-MG.

“The club had no consultations regarding Atlético-MG. In the case of Palmeiras, what happened was an exchange of conversations”, he revealed.

+ Had a proposal! Marinho, from Santos, confirms Palmeiras’ offer and talks about the future of his career

Rueda also opened up Marinho striker’s dream: playing in the UAE.

“He received proposals from the United Arab Emirates, and if this proposal met what Santos asked for, we would not hinder Marinho’s career. His dream is to go there”, concluded.

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