Martinho da Vila composer sues Adele for plagiarism

88 measures equal to the musician's were counted in three minutes of the song

88 measures equal to the musician’s were counted in three minutes of the song

Photo: Instagram: @adele / Famous and Celebrities

The singer Adele is being accused of plagiarism by Minas Gerais composer Toninho Geraes, responsible for composing the music Women, sung by Martinho da Vila. According to the musician, the artist plagiarized the track on hit Million Years Aug, which is part of the album 25, released in 2015.

“I was appalled when I realized. The melody and harmony are the same. It’s a wide-open copy”, said Toninho in an interview with the magazine Look.

According to the vehicle, two extrajudicial notifications have already been sent to Greg Kurstin, another composer of the track and British owner of 15 Grammys, a Golden Globe, an Oscar and a strength that borders on 200 million dollars.

Recordings/Beggars Group and Sony Music Group are also aware of the action that points out that they “appropriated the first notes of the intro, chorus and end”.

There were 88 bars with copy, which adds up to 3 minutes and 3 seconds of the track and represents 87% of the song. “Our intention was to try to reach an agreement, but, given the silence, we will go to court,” explained lawyer Fredímio Biasotto Trotta.

Listen to the two songs below: