Mercedes designer says ‘electric sedan’ looks like a ****

Anyone watching the Mercedes-Benz launches at the Munich Motor Show noticed that none of the brand’s recent electric cars boast the classic form of a sedan, with well-defined three volumes. Everyone appeals to what is conventionally called a “four-door coupe”, or they are SUVs.

In an interview with Top Gear, the head of design of Daimler – the group that controls the brand -, Gorden Wagener, electrification will kill traditional sedans for several reasons.


“Aerodynamics is one. Second, with a six-inch battery, a three-box sedan just doesn’t look good, it looks like shit. You have to do something that visually digests the height,” Wagener told the channel.

mercedes benz 200

Wagener went even further: “That’s why we created this bold design with the EQ models, because it looks elongated, it looks elegant. For electrification to change the proportions of cars. We need to make sure they’re not all the same, but that fear has been around for about 30 years. We managed to make them look different and I’m confident we can do that in the future.”

The executive does not regret the end of the classic sedan – although that bodywork helped Mercedes-Benz build its fame.

“The three-volume sedan is actually the most difficult car to design. Making a really beautiful one is quite difficult. A good sports car is so easy! I always like it when there’s something more futuristic coming up. That’s why electrification is a great chance to change things, and change is always good”, he declared.