Microsoft promotes Windows 11 in new unusual ad

With less than a month left until the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft started a promotion campaign for the upcoming operating system this Thursday (9). Called “Windows 11: brings you closer to what you love”, in free translation into Portuguese, the video posted on the company’s YouTube channel extols the platform’s unprecedented features in an unusual way — in the best possible sense.

to the sound of music All Starts Now”, played by Odessa and Tim Myers, the Microsoft ad follows the story of a user pioneering new Windows 11 programs. new operating system design language.

Another highlight of the video — which is only sixty seconds long — is aimed at the gamer audience, which should be prioritized with the new features for games in Windows 11. Exciting its fans, Microsoft “invited” the protagonist of the Halo franchise, Master Chief, to present a small preview of the titles that will arrive in the OS store.


Scheduled to debut on October 5th, Windows 11 already captivates fans around the world. Until the date of its release, it is possible to try the novelty with the previews distributed by Microsoft in the test channel, however, they may contain errors and unexpected failures. Thus, it is recommended to carry out the installation process on a secondary computer or wait for the official arrival of the new platform.