Mirella Santos beats Nadja Pessoa and earns R$ 250 thousand on Ilha Record · TV News

Former plant of Ilha Record, Mirella Santos, the Gêmea Lacração, won the prize of R$ 250,000 from the popular vote. In the early morning hours of Friday (10), MC Loma’s cousin won 79.33% of the votes and overthrew Nadja Pessoa, who got only 20.67% of the popular preference.

“My God, I’m very happy, everyone is voting for me from dawn to morning. I’m very happy, thank you people, Mom must be happy. Mom, I’m rich”, celebrated the Twin Lacration.

In the competition led by Sabrina Sato, Mirella started out as a plant in the game (or a seaweed, in the reality’s dialect) and was sent to the Cave of Exile during an explorers’ vote.

As an exile, the dancer knew the rottenness of rivals and returned to competition with blood in her eyes. When he returned to headquarters, Mirella confronted her rivals and staged intense shacks, like an argument with Nadja.

Questioned by the presenter, Nadja said that she was already expecting this result: “I imagined that something like that could happen for several reasons, but I wanted to say that I left my dog ​​for nothing. Son, I always told you: ‘I love you even in heaven’. . I left you, I left you alone for two months to get into this reality show, and you left, you left”, lamented the digital influencer.

“[Você] Left a lot in my heart. That, to me, losing or winning means nothing, because my heart is full of missing my dog. So, I’m already anesthetized, I expected everything,” added Vinicius D’Black’s ex-wife.

Check out the result announcement:

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