Motorola creates wireless charging that works from a distance; see video

Motorola this week unveiled a prototype wireless charger much more advanced than current models. In a video released on the Chinese social network Weibo, the company showed a device that can recharge cell phone batteries at distances of up to three meters.

The model is an evolution of another prototype, shown by Motorola at an event in January. The initial equipment could supply power for up to two smartphones, over distances of up to one meter. In addition to the longer range, the current one is capable of carrying up to four devices simultaneously.

The device can also perform recharges through obstacles. Finally, it has a reach angle of 100°, so you don’t need to be directly in front of the charger to fill the battery.

Watch Motorola Wireless Remote Charger Video

According to the company, 1600 antennas are used to send energy to compatible devices, which explains the range of the charger. The engineering required for this, however, is complex, which makes the equipment be of considerable size: In the video, the charger appears to be larger than a notebook, and is positioned vertically.

The technology is much more advanced than the wireless charging available today. Today, wireless chargers are just bases where the cell phone, when touched, begins to receive energy. While more practical than leaving the device with a cable connected, they are not capable of filling the battery more than a few inches away.

With the Motorola prototype, however, the recharge is totally wireless. Some chargers, scattered within a location, would allow the device to be used normally while receiving power, without touching or plugging into anything.

Still no name, there is no forecast for release date of or Motorola wireless charger price.

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