Nego do Borel is confirmed on Record’s reality show

Nego do Borel will be in “A Fazenda 2021”, which opens next Tuesday (14). The singer was revealed as one of the new pawns in “Hoje em Dia”. Questioned by journalists in a press conference on the reality show, Borel said he does not intend to go deeper into the confinement of what he lived with his ex, Duda Reis, who accused him of assaults.

“I don’t want to talk about my ex because today it’s in the hands of the Court, which will investigate all the cases. Some things that you ask, I have to talk about because in many things I was wronged. I try not to talk about it because it’s a secret from the courts,” he said.

Borel said the lawyers are handling the case, which ended up in court. He believes that “A Fazenda” will be an opportunity for people to get to know him better, citing former peons like Lipe Ribeiro and Biel who joined the program for a refresher of public opinion.

Farm is one of the best realities. Money is always good. I worked a lot, daddy from heaven blessed. If it drops another R$1.5 million, it will be good as hell.

police report

Duda Reis filed a police report against Nego do Borel, with whom he had a relationship. She revealed having suffered physical aggression and commented on the case on social networks.

“I got spanked and then I got love. So I was scared. I spent three years thinking that love was getting hit and then being kissed,” said the actress and digital influencer. “There was an episode where he pushed me so hard that I fell on top of several chairs and got hurt,” he detailed.