Nelson Piquet says Schumacher was doing ‘a lot of things wrong’ on the track

Nelson Piquet commented on some drivers who made history in Formula 1. When analyzing Michael Schumacher’s trajectory in the motorsport championship, the three-time world champion said that the German had some wrong attitudes in certain races, which put the lives of other professionals at risk .

“Schumacher did a lot of things wrong. Senna too. I would never risk the life of a competitor. Throwing the car on top of the other, having an accident. At that speed anything can happen”, he began by saying, adding:

“He did that a lot, on several occasions. Despite his value and everything he did, those attitudes weren’t right,” on ‘Now with Lacombe’, on Rede TV.

Seven-time world champion, Schumacher suffered a serious accident while skiing at the Meribel resort in the French Alps on December 29, 2013. He hit his head on a rock and, even wearing a helmet, fell into a coma. Since then, his family has chosen to keep his health status confidential.

Recently, the Race Fans website published yesterday (8), some phrases by Corinna, Schumacher’s wife, which will be in the documentary about the pilot, produced by Netflix. According to the portal, Corinna stated that the German “is here”, but in a different way. In addition, he stressed that everyone in the family misses Michael.