New Project Eve trailer for PS5

The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

I’m very happy to reveal in the right way for you the first console title that Shift Up is developing: Project Eve. It’s been two years since we announced development in 2019. Today, we can finally reveal a new, more detailed look at game for PlayStation 5. It’s an honor and a great pleasure.

Reclaim Stolen Earth and Decide Humanity’s Future

In the not-too-distant future, humanity is expelled from Earth after losing the battle against invaders called NA:tives. To retake the planet, the player assumes the role of Eve, the survivor of the colony’s paratrooper squad, and must fight powerful enemies with new companions. We invite you to live Eve’s adventure among unknown creatures in a destroyed Earth.

Blood, blade and… beauty

Earth, created with stunning graphics that make the most of the power of the PlayStation 5, will convey a totally different vibe from other post-apocalyptic worlds. As you follow Eve through the game, you’ll get closer and closer to the secret hidden in this unusual world. Combat in Eve is calculated (including offense, defense, and evasion), but remains fluid and pleasurable. The only way to survive is to understand the attack patterns of different enemies and counterattack at the right time.

Continue the flow of battle after parrying and dodging using various combo abilities. Defeating enemies culminates in a spectacular and fun display of power. The tactile response of the DualSense wireless controller further amplifies this experience, from the feel of the blade cutting through the enemy to the exceptional abilities that make your hands tingle. We can’t wait to reveal new weapons that take advantage of DualSense controller features in the future.

Eve will do more than kill enemies in style during the adventure. Master the terrain by climbing walls, sliding tactically, swinging on ropes and more. As you progress through this environment using various actions, try to explore and acquire hidden treasures around the world!

As the game progresses, Eve acquires skills and items, getting stronger and stronger. Gain Beta Gauge (BG) by parrying and dodging in combat. You can then use the BG to gain skills like piercing supermatures, perform blade attacks, interrupt enemy combos, and more. Eve also has a Burst Gauge, which stacks with successive parries and combos, and can be used to trigger powerful attacks and benefits, such as a jump stab. You’ll also be able to find stylish outfits during the game to change Eve’s look.

We’re not yet ready to announce when Project Eve will be released on PS5, but we’ll keep you up to date. We’re working hard to make something you’ll love. Please stay tuned and continue your support and interest.