New tests show that the new PS5 revision manages to be cooler than the original

Even with less heatsink, the SoC gets to be 11 degrees cooler

A few days ago, the youtuber Austin Evans had posted a video about onnew PS5 model that has fewer heat sinks, causing more heat. Now, according to new tests, the lightest PlayStation 5 manages to be cooler than the original model, even with some disadvantages.

The results were obtained by the Hardware Busters channel. According to the channel, the new revision of the PS5 can be better in some aspects and worse in others also. The SoC of this model can stay up to 11 degrees cooler than the 2020 model. Tests were made with both models using the same fan (Nidec G12L12MS1AF-56J14) operating at the same speed.

The new model is a little noisier (25.9dBA) than the previous one (24.8 dBA) due to the new heatsink that allows more air to escape, causing more noise. The power consumption of the two different versions varies depending on usage. For example, running Devil May Cry 5 in 4k has a difference of just over 5W for the new revision. On the other hand, a similar difference exists on the home screen, with the original version consuming more.

Even with the difference in heatsink size, both have six heatpipes. Apparently, according to the Hardware Busters results, the revised model’s smaller contact surface caused the temperatures of memories rise significantly, reaching 8 degrees of difference between the two models.

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The fans of both models operate in the same way, switching from idle to when playing. The current model’s VRM is a little warmer (46.32C) than the original version (44.97C), a similar difference happens with the hot air exhausted by the consoles, a little over 2 degrees warmer in the new PlayStation 5 revision.

The new PlayStation 5 revision is 300g lighter than the original due to the decrease in size of the heatsinks. The reception to Austin Evans’ video was not the best and he himself published another video on his channel, maintaining his position in the tests he did.


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Via: Tweak Town