Neymar becomes the top scorer of the national team in Qualifiers and shows belly – 09/09/2021

Neymar became the top scorer of the Brazilian team in World Cup qualifiers. The number 10 shirt surpassed Zico and Romário and, with 12 goals, went on to lead the list when he scored the second goal of the victory over Peru, today (9), in Recife.

Neymar’s 12th goal didn’t have such a high degree of difficulty: Everton Ribeiro shot, the defender deflected it before the goalkeeper reached the ball and, with Gallese down, the Brazilian striker only pushed into the back of the net. Neymar reached 69 goals in 113 games with the Brazil shirt.

Neymar’s goal comes on a FIFA date that didn’t start so well for him: against Chile, one of the worst performances for the national team. Against Argentina, they didn’t even have time, as the duel was suspended with five minutes of the first half, after Anvisa went to the field to remove four Argentines who came from England and did not make quarantine.

The bad performance against the Chileans raised doubts about Neymar’s physical form. In response, the ace celebrated the goal against Peru by showing his defined abdomen.

In June, Neymar had already left behind Kaká, Luís Fabiano, Ronaldo and Tostão, who had scored ten goals in the qualifiers. In the current edition of the qualifying route to Qatar, Neymar had already scored three goals against the same Peru, in the confrontation in Lima.

Neymar was “harmed” in terms of opportunities to score goals in the Qualifiers because Brazil was not in contention in the 2014 World Cup cycle because they hosted the World Cup.

Neymar’s goals in the qualifiers

2018 World Cup Qualifiers:
– Ecuador 0 x 3 Brazil
– Brazil 2 x 1 Colombia
– Brazil 5 x 0 Bolivia
– Brazil 3 x 0 Argentina
– Uruguay 1 x 4 Brazil
– Brazil 3 x 0 Paraguay

2022 World Cup Qualifiers:
– Peru 2 x 4 Brazil (three goals)
– Brazil 2 x 0 Ecuador
– Paraguay 0 x 2 Brazil
– Brazil x Peru