Neymar rebuts comments about fitness, complains about the press live on Globo, and is criticized by Galvão Bueno; Sister of the ace answers narrator

It’s eita behind vixes! This Thursday (9), the Brazilian soccer team beat Peru 2-0 in the World Cup qualifiers. Despite the result, Neymar Jr was irritated with the faults suffered, which led Galvão Bueno to fire criticism at the ace. The narrator’s comments still resonated badly with Rafaella Santos, sister of shirt 10.

After a rough entry by Lapadula at 17 of the second half, Neymar got into an argument against his rival. The clash had to be stopped by his teammates and it was then that Bueno compared the attacker’s reactions with those of Lionel Messi, who is also often the target of opponents. “Calm down, Neymar, calm down. This is what Neymar lacks a little bit. You don’t see Messi do that. Neymar still lacks this self-control because Messi gets as bad as he does.” scored.

The veteran’s speech irritated the athlete’s sister, who used her Instagram stories to counter him. “Galvão, stop wanting to keep comparing Neymar and Messi. There is no such thing, stop it, my son”, exclaimed the blonde, speechless. “They’re both hunted, they’re both beaten, cool. You go there and you go out on the field and catch him like he does and you don’t have to say anything. What conduct what?! You’re not the one who feels pain after the game, right?! Spare me!”, concluded.

Neymar unburdens himself and takes a new pinprick from Galvão

Scorer of the second goal in the victory against Peru, Neymar became Brazil’s top scorer in the World Cup qualifiers, overtaking Zico and Romario, with a total of 12 goals. However, not even the great feat helped the attacker to escape comments about a reasonable performance and even a supposed overweight in recent weeks.

In a chat with TV Globo, the shirt 10 celebrated the achievement, but, uncomfortable, stated that he is “persecuted” by the public. “Collective is the most important, I always appreciated that. At the same time, I’m very happy to be top scorer record holder in the qualifiers, to be the greatest assistant in the Brazilian national team’s shirt and soon, if all goes well, to pass Pelé. I’m very happy”, he said. “I don’t know anymore what to do with this shirt for the guys to respect Neymar”, finished off. Geez!

When asked about the last statement, Neymar highlighted the treatment he would receive from the press, including his current physical shape. During the game, right after the goal, the athlete took the opportunity to lift his shirt and show his belly. The prick didn’t stop there. On social networks, he even published a photo, with the caption “fat chubby good ball”. “That [o suposto desrespeito] it’s normal, it’s not me. This has been coming for a long time, from you reporters, commentators and others as well. Sometimes I don’t even like to talk in interviews anymore, but at important moments, I come to give my opinion…”, declared.

Even with the insistence of the interviewer that the player reveal the cause of his upset, the footballer preferred not to mention names. “All kinds [de falta de respeito]. I’ll leave it for the guys to think a little bit there”, reinforced.

Galvão Bueno, who commanded the broadcasting station, disapproved of the player’s complaint. “Why that? Why say you are persecuted all the time? It is criticized when it is criticized. It is praised when it is praised. A certain exaggeration by Neymar. That’s what I say, he misses the point a lot. If he feels that way, he’s the one who suffers”, concluded.