Neymar shines, and Brazil beats Peru to follow 100% in the Qualifiers – 09/09/2021

With some technical quality moves and tactical choices that recalled the best times under Tite’s command, especially in the first half, the Brazilian team beat Peru today (9), 2-0, in the tenth round of the World Cup qualifiers. Qatar. Everton Ribeiro and Neymar scored at the Arena de Pernambuco, which did not receive a public.

The victory keeps Brazil as the isolated leader of the Qualifiers with 100% success in eight matches.

The next games in the competition will be next month. On the 7th, Brazil will face Venezuela away from home and the Peruvian team will host Chile. On this FIFA date in October, Neymar’s team will also have challenges against Colombia (delayed game of the fifth round) and Uruguay, with an expected audience, at Arena da Amazônia.

six pack scorer

Neymar - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Neymar celebrates Brazil’s goal against Peru and shows the ‘sixpack’

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Neymar erased the bad image left in the game against Chile and did well against Peru. Hunted, he generated three yellow cards from opponents in the first half, created five goal chances (one of them with assistance) and even made his own before showing his six pack to show that he is physically fit. This is all in the third game of the season after the holidays. In the complementary stage, the pace slowed down, but the job was done: he is the greatest Brazilian top scorer in the history of the qualifiers.

Gabigol: still missing

Gabigol - Pedro Vilela/Getty Images - Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

Gabigol regrets lost chance in Brazil vs Peru in qualifying

Image: Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

The ball kicked into the air in the first move of the second half, which could increase the score to 3-0, helps explain why No. 9 is still not fully at home in the national team. Effortless and supportive as Neymar’s duo, Gabigol was unable to finish any play for the goal and had problems helping the team’s fluidity — he missed almost 20% of his pass attempts. The moment is for growth and the performance is better than it used to be, but there still seems to be a way to go.

Brightness, efficiency and testing

Gérson - Pedro Vilela/Getty Images - Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

Gérson competes with Carrillo in Brazil x Peru for the qualifiers. He debuted as a starter

Image: Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

The performance of the Brazilian team was good from the first minutes of the ball rolling. Tite organized the team in a 4-4-2 without the ball, which turned 4-2-4 when he had possession, with Everton Ribeiro and Lucas Paquetá wide open. But there was a secret in that strategy: in a rehearsed, trained and beautiful move at the stadium, the two wingers centered for the passages of the full-backs Danilo and Alex Sandro – mainly the second, on the left side.

This style of midfielder that starts at the top to look for the midfield and hinder the opponent’s marking, which Tite calls “float”, refers to Philippe Coutinho and the best moments of the selection with his coach. With the players detaching themselves from the original sectors, exchanging passes towards Peru’s goal, Brazil flowed and piled up goal chances in the first half, with Paquetá, Everton Ribeiro, Alex Sandro, Neymar and Gérson, in addition to the goals of two their.

Peru tried to balance it, but got into a dilemma: if you scored low it was wrong because you defended poorly and if you scored high you gave a lot of space and took a lot of suffocation.

It was a Brazilian game, but the pace dropped a lot in the second half. Comfortable on the field, packed with early-season players in Europe and disjointed by Peru’s changes, the team managed the result more than anything else. It even took a mini-pressure, but Weverton avoided the worst in a Marcos López submission. In the final stretch of the game, Tite did some tests. Matheus Cunha, Bruno Guimarães, Hulk and Edenilson, all with little or no participation, had minutes to show something, but they didn’t change the scoreboard.

the goals

Everton Ribeiro - Paulo Paiva/AGIF - Paulo Paiva/AGIF

Everton Ribeiro celebrates goal scored by Brazil against Peru in qualifying

Image: Paulo Paiva/AGIF

Brazil’s first goal came 13 minutes into the first half. Neymar disarmed Santamaría from the left in a move in which Peru called for a foul and the referee did not give. The pass was for Gabigol, but arrived at Everton Ribeiro to score. The score increased at 39, when Gabigol entered from the right and hit. Everton Ribeiro had the surplus, Santamaría dodged it and Neymar concluded.


Competition: World Cup Qualifiers, Round 10
Local: Arena de Pernambuco, in São Lourenço da Mata (PE)
date/time: September 9, 2021, Thursday, at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time)
Referee: Wilmar Roldán (Colombia)
assistants: Alexander Guzmán and Wilmar Navarro (both from Colombia)
VAR: Esteban Ostojich (Uruguay)
yellow cards: Casemiro, Lucas Paquetá, Gabigol, Neymar (Brazil), Santamaría, Renato Tapia, Yotún, Gabriel Costa, Christofer Gonzales (Peru)

GOALS: Everton Ribeiro, at 14/1stQ (1-0), Neymar, at 39/1stQ (2-0)

BRAZIL: Weverton; Danilo (Daniel Alves, at 17/2ºT), Lucas Veríssimo, Éder Militão and Alex Sandro; Casemiro (Bruno Guimarães, at 32/2ndT), Gérson (Edenilson, at 38/2ndT), Everton Ribeiro (Matheus Cunha, at 17/2ndT) and Lucas Paquetá; Gabigol (Hulk, at 2/28/T) and Neymar. Technician: Tite.

PERU: Gallese; Advíncula, Santamaría (Christian Ramos, at halftime), Callens and Marcos López; Renato Tapia (Cartagena, at 14/2ndT), Yotún (Gabriel Costa, at 14/2ndT), Christofer Gonzales and Cueva (Edison Flores, at halftime); Carrillo and Lapadula (Ruidiaz, at 27/2ºT). Technician: Ricardo Gareca.